The Road Trip That Changed The World
The Road Trip That Changed The World

The Road Trip That Changed The World

The Unlikely Theory that will Change How You View Culture, the Church, and, Most Importantly, Yourself


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Sixty years ago a goatee beard would have gotten you beat up in a lot of places. Chin fuzz was the symbol of the Beats or Beatniks, a mid-century, marginal group who pioneered a new kind of lifestyle that was hedonistic, experiential, and individualistic. Their contradictory approach to spirituality combined a search for God with a search for 'kicks.'

In 1947, these Beatnik heroes set out on a road trip across America re-writing the 'life-script' of all future generations. They modeled a new approach to faith: desiring Christ, while still pursuing a laundry list of vices. Yet this dream would turn into a nightmare and the open road would lead back to an ancient, half-forgotten path. It was a path that began with a single step of faith as a pilgrim named Abraham stepped away from a cynical culture. A path of devotion that led to a cross on Golgotha.


ISBN: 9780802409317
Producer: Moody Publishers
Product Code: 283958
Dimensions: 133 x 13 x 203 mm
Product type: Paperback
Number of pages: 288
Release Date: 20.04.2012

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