About Equipping the Church

Why a new website?

Equipping the Church is a concept that will develop in the coming months, helping to resource you in various areas of your spiritual life.

For those of you that have been accustomed to our CLC Bookshops website, the only initial changes are cosmetic. Please be assured that:

  • Your login and password details will remain the same
  • If you are a member of the EQUIP scheme, your discounts will remain the same.

As a welcome to the new site, we are pleased to give a 10% discount on all products for a limited period, unless you purchase qualifies for a higher discount.


Equipping the Church is a vision born out of a desire to supply the church with the resources it requires.

For some time, we have run the EQUIP scheme which enables anyone involved in a role in their church to obtain favourable prices. However, Equipping the Church has a much broader ambition than supplying Bibles, books and resources. Over time we want to engage with wider church ministries and help them promote their particular vision and mission.

The opportunity to launch the website under this name came about when our friends at DC Cook publishing house asked us to take over equippingthechurch.co.uk. This coincided with our desire to expand the EQUIP scheme. The new site is equippingthechurch.com and it replaces clcbookshops.com. 

We would be delighted to hear your impression of the website and how we can improve it here.