About Kingsway CLC Trust

In 2019 the Kingsway Trust merged with CLC International (UK) to form Kingsway CLC Trust.

Kingsway CLC Trust Logo

CLC is an international and interdenominational mission formed in 1941 that works in more than 40 countries distributing the Word of God and Christian resources through bookshops, wholesale warehouses, publishing and online. 

The Kingsway Trust developed out of Kingsway Communications, an organisation that served the church for over 40 years. 

CLC had a distribution warehouse in Chester, and relationships with many publishers, and Kingsway Trust had a strong online presence and good relationships with music and film producers.  The merger was a very natural process as we shared the same heart and vision.  What we did not expect was the Covid-19 pandemic! By God’s grace, the combined processes were established just before lockdown, enabling us to operate far more successfully than we could have imagined. 

As we return to the ‘new normal’ we are delighted to be able to launch this new website so that we can encourage people on their spiritual journey, whatever their starting point.  You can read more about the intention of the website here.

Aerial view of the KCLCT Warehouse
Inside the KCLCT warehouse
Inside the Warehouse