Kingsway CLC Trust is part of a global mission community called CLC International voluntarily working together to achieve our common goals.

CLC is an international organisation committed to the distribution of the Bible, Christian books and a variety of Christian media. Our teams are drawn from many nations, denominations and backgrounds. All are dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and to the task of helping others to know Him better through the materials we distribute.

CLC is established in over 40 countries. It is represented by more than 140 bookshops, 18 distribution warehouses, 18 publishing houses and multiple websites. The CLC work in each country is set up independently. We are united by our common vision, goals and International Constitution.

However, CLC is more than a chain of bookshops, rather it is our desire to see people's lives changed though making evangelical literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in Christ. It is an established fact that a large percentage of people converting to Christianity do so through the reading of a Christian book.

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