Origins Of The Universe
Origins Of The Universe

Origins Of The Universe


DVD Audio

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Origins of the Universe presents the expert opinions on both sides of the never-ending argument, and leaves it up to the viewer to decide what to believe. The world around us contains many complex systems that work so perfectly together, sparking the question, 'Do these things happen by chance, or do they happen by design?' Award-winning host, Todd Cantelon, interviews from behind the camera and acts as 'stand-in' for the audience, pushing each of these experts for answers that make sense.

Expert interviews are given by: Ken Ham Dr. PZ Myers Dr. Georgia Purdom Dr. Terry Mortenson Dr. David Menton Dr. Jason Lisle Dr. Polly Winsor.

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ISBN: 5060256821342
Producer: Authentic Media
Product Code: 117375
Dimensions: 130 x 15 x 190 mm
Product type: DVD Audio

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