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Luminous Dark
Luminous Dark

Luminous Dark


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Alain Emerson describes the agony of the unthinkable, seeing his beautiful young bride suffer with cancer, nursing her through the illness and eventually losing her to it. Wrestling with the inevitable questions – Was it because of his own disobedience? Why didn’t God heal her? Why hadn’t God kept his side of the bargain?– Luminous Dark is a profound exploration of grief, loss, and deep disappointment with God. … and of finding hope again. Alain realises he must choose to lean into the pain, to face God in his loss, to voice his disappointment and anger and to pray it honestly. Through this journey he discovers a God who walks beside us, suffers and weeps with us, who ultimately restores our joy, and helps us to give that love away.


ISBN: 9781910012451
Producer: Muddy Pearl
Product Code: 10040149
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 224
Release Date: 27.10.2017

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Luminous Dark by Alain Emerson (Book Review)

Finding a book that deals with the ‘painful journey of being transformed by the love of God through suffering’ is quite difficult. We live in a Christian culture that looks too much on the side of triumphalism, than at those deep places brought about by various forms of suffering, however that pain thrusts itself upon us.

Luminous Dark  by Alain Emerson (Book Review)

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