Immeasurably More
Immeasurably More

Immeasurably More

Flying for the Way-Maker


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The sounds of heavy gunfire ripped the air apart. Each new volley of shots made me jump…“Get the children to safety!” someone yelled.’

When Liz Parker was growing up in a Liverpool vicarage, she never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would one day grow up to marry a missionary pilot and eventually serve with him in Uganda. This is the incredible story of their family’s travels, from their four-year preparation in South Africa, to the sun-drenched land of Tanzania, the unexpected conflict of South Sudan and the fast-moving busyness of Kenya. Follow their journey, through each new country, through every up and down of family life, and meet inspiring people along the way. Through all the peaks and valleys, you’ll discover their dependence on a way-making, promise-keeping God, who has done immeasurably more than they could have ever asked or imagined.

"I am profoundly inspired and impressed by this very powerful book. Liz Parker has written a deeply moving, interesting and compelling book. I especially value the accounts of MAF's Ministry and the poignant details of the situations of the people they reach.

“This book is so well written it is very hard to put down! I strongly recommend it as a 'must read' book." – The Baroness Cox, Founder and CEO, Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

“An exciting story of being a missionary today in five African countries, Liz Parker, a mum, teacher, and wife of an MAF pilot, gives an honest and humorous account of living daily by faith, including her family's gripping escape from civil war in South Sudan. I highly recommend this book.” – John Butterworth, MBE, author, newspaper editor and journalist

"This is an inspiring and honest account of challenges courageously faced on the mission field. Liz reveals her grappling with questions about God's care as she encountered life-threatening situations. Yet fun, laughter and her love for Africa shine through. She discovers God is greater than war, trauma, fears and failures. I couldn't put it down." – Charles Marnham, Vicar, St Michael's Chester Square, London 1995-2019

“We are immensely privileged that so many people like Liz and the Parker family commit their lives to fulfil the mission of MAF. But it is rare to get such an in-depth and heartfelt insight of what life is really like on the mission field. This book gives examples of the miraculous victories, inspiring faith and daily provision that God provides to those who choose to follow Him." – Ruth Whitaker, CEO, MAF UK

“Liz Parker vividly tells the story of her family’s many journeys and God’s grace to them through those chapters of life. MAF has been a tremendous blessing to my family for over 30 years and this recounting of the challenges and victories experience by the Parker family brought back many good memories. This book speaks to the caliber of men and women that make up the MAF team worldwide. May God increase their tribe.” – Brooks Buser, President of Radius International

“Liz Parker’s story is God’s story. Immeasurably More is a pretense-free field guide for everyone who seeks to trust God in the hardscrabble of daily life, no matter if you do your shopping at the local Sainsbury’s or in a fetid open-air market in an impoverished corner of God's world. Some think mission is only for the “super saints" of great faith, but this book puts us into scene after scene where simple faith and obedience open the door for God to do ‘immeasurably more’. Be inspired and instructed — and enjoy a fun read.” – Brian Jose, Executive Director, Radstock Ministries


ISBN: 9781914966965
Producer: 10Publishing
Product Code: 10089295
Product type: Paperback
Number of pages: 368
Release Date: 16.09.2022
Language: English

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