Broken by Love
Broken by Love
Broken by Love

Broken by Love

Transforming the Lives of Women on the Streets of Bristol


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The inspiring biography of Val Jeal who stepped out in faith and changed the lives of many female sex workers in Bristol.

After leading a very conventional life, a middle-aged Val told God she was available to be used by him. Moving to an inner- city church, God opened her eyes and heart to what was happening in Bristol, and so began a remarkable rollercoaster ride of love, compassion, burnout, determination, honesty, victories and defeats.

Founding the charity One25, Val worked with the female sex workers of Bristol, offering a listening ear, acceptance, support and a safe place to stay that has changed many lives.

Val’s incredible story shows that it is never too late for God to work in your life and will encourage you to have the faith to step out and do what God has called you to do.

This inspiring biography encourages you not to be pigeon holed by your life so far – God can break into your life and do great things through you too! · Demonstrates how God takes ordinary people and does extraordinary things through them · Reveals how God loves those that society ignores · Shows sex workers not as fallen women but women of dignity and strength · Helps you understand issues around sex working, addiction and homelessness · Includes a photo insert · Perfect for anyone who loves to hear stories of God at work · Suitable for readers who love testimonies and faith-inspiring stories · Ideal for anyone interested in social action · An inspirational gift idea for any occasion

'There is no such thing as an ordinary person. Everyone has a unique story to tell as they stand in the present, carrying the past and daring to embrace the potential of future new chapters rippling with the beauty of the extraordinary. We see that in Val's personal story. Yet this is not a book about an isolated individual; rather it is about how we go on becoming who we are in relationship with God and neighbour. These pages reveal a woman who has entered into the stories of those who so often remain hidden in the shadows, and amid the mess and brokenness of life Val has lived love and hope, and invited people to walk good new chapters in their own story. And at the heart of it all is the story of Jesus Christ, and the truth that crucifixion and resurrection dwell together. There is no such thing as an ordinary story.' ~ Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester

'Back in the 1980s, along with my wife Margaret, I had the privilege of playing a small part in Val Jeal’s story. Having given her life to Jesus during one of our services, she and her husband Cliff quickly became valued and much-loved members of our congregation in the St Paul’s area of Bristol. Little did I realize back then, however, where Val’s faith journey would take her or just how remarkable her story would turn out to be. She tells that story in this absorbing book. At times it will make you smile or even laugh out loud. At other times it will reduce you to tears. But always it will cause you to rejoice in what Val describes as God’s ‘enormous, generous, heart-breaking love’ and what God can do with us and through us when we open ourselves up to that love.' ~ Chick Yuill, speaker, writer, and presenter for Premier Christian Radio

'Be inspired by reading Val's story: the story of a woman who gave her heart to God, so he could work through her for over 30 years to bring love and transformation to female sex workers on the streets of Bristol. Be inspired by the stories she tells of pain, courage and hope, as she set up the trailblazing charity, One25, which helps Bristol’s most marginalized women move from crisis and trauma to independence in the community. Be challenged by Val's statement that when God needs someone to go, let it be you!' ~ Roger Allen, Together4Bristol / Churches Together in Greater Bristol


ISBN: 9781788932868
Producer: Authentic Media
Product Code: 10089569
Dimensions: 130 x 198 mm
Product type: Paperback
Number of pages: 256
Release Date: 10.02.2023
Language: English

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Comments and reviews

Sarah Douglas  (13.02.2023)

Broken by Love is an extraordinary read about an ordinary woman who courageously opened herself up to possibility, promise and pain. Val, as humble as she is, may not see herself as brave, but anyone who is prepared to climb into crack dens to rescue her precious women, speak truth to people of power, or lovingly persevere despite the many losses, is by anyone's definition of the word, brave.

Val will be the first person to say that she didn't and couldn't have done all this alone. Condom Cliff (sorry mate, that's your nickname now 🤣) who incidentally is in my all time top ten fave folk list, is the best support any woman could have. In addition to this best of men, an army of people who heard Val's calls to action made all of this happen.

And then there's Val's faith, which is so very central to this remarkable story. Trusting, frustrated and often questioning, Val is not afraid to vent her spleen or cry out to a God who is her very essence and reason for her existence, but who is often mysterious and distant whilst leading her to shine divine light into dark places. Val's faith is a very real relationship that, for someone like me who often feels at best, ambivalent to the Almighty, is a breath of fresh air. Val's dogged determination to show her women that they are beautiful, loved and valued cuts through the super-spiritual fakery and appalling damage that religion can inflict and sparks hope in me that this Jesus thing is the real deal.

If you read but one book in your life, make it Broken by Love by Val Jeal. You may find that it changes yours for the better.

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