Short reviews on books dealing with the subject of grief

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Short reviews on books dealing with the subject of grief
Worship Through Grief - 6 titles selected by Daryl Wearring

Grieving is something we will all face. It’s not just something that others experience and can be packaged up and left to one side, hoping that grief won’t be knocking on our door. Sadly, and inevitably, due to the fact that we have a limited time on this earth, we will all face the loss of a loved one, friend or family member – maybe more than once – and be affected in many different ways, through various emotions. Even if those who have passed are Christians, and we have that sure hope of eternal life for them in the presence of their saviour, still the questions come, the anger rises or the tears flow. How do we continue to cling to a sovereign God through our grief? How do we continue to trust and worship him in the face of devastating loss? I faced similar questions (and still do) after the passing of my wife four years ago, but there are many books out there by others who have similar experiences that can help point us back to Jesus – ‘a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief’, who longs to comfort and guide us through these toughest of times.

When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll

Part memoir, part devotional, this book looks at various aspects of grief over 32 reflections, linking into the different stages of the author’s own sudden loss of his wife. As he recounts the events and emotions of his story, his main aim is to help readers to glorify God through their grief. I found this a really helpful book, even if challenging at times.

God Does His Best Work with Empty

Nancy is one of my favourite authors and I’ve written previously of her Book of Hope devotional. Emptiness is one of the main emotions associated with grief and feels like it’s a void can never be filled. However, through this book Nancy reminds us that God loves to fill our empty vessels with himself and give us renewed purpose in serving him.

Just Be Honest

Sometimes it’s just easier to pretend everything is OK. But one thing I’ve been learning over time is to be brave enough to be real and honest about feelings of grief. I’m looking forward to reading this new book which promises help to lament well and continue to worship, despite tears and suffering.

For All Who Grieve

Through different true stories, each linked to an aspect of grief, and using the book of Lamentations as the foundation to help process sorrow and loss in a biblical way, this is an excellent and hopeful book. Full of realism and compassion, I’ve found this really helpful in pointing me to Christ through everything.

A Parent's Guide to Walking Through Grief

This excellent series of booklets is aimed at helping parents have those difficult conversations with their teenage children, about all sorts of contemporary subjects. This little book will help parents to walk alongside their teens and process their grief in a healthy way rather than bottling everything up

The Great Big Sad

This new book in a series that helps children with various emotions, teaches about grief through the story of two siblings hearing about the death of their grandmother. This is a gentle way to introduce the subject of grief, before it strikes, to help children understand that despite the sadness, there is hope in Jesus.


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