Getting to Grips with the New Year with a Selection of Devotionals

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Getting to Grips with the New Year with a Selection of Devotionals


Daryl Wearring selects some recently released daily devotionals.

The New Year brings with it a sense of anticipation, a feeling of new beginnings, a fresh start, a new hope and a resolve to kick off the year with new plans, routines and promises to ourselves of things we’d like to do or change. Approaching a new year, our desire should be to walk with God and try to follow Him as best we can. One way to help us is to ensure we’re spending time with Him, and devotional reading can be a good aid for being still before the Lord, spending time in His Word and praying to Him.

I’ve often struggled with this challenge myself as other desires creep in and the busyness of life takes over, and it’s been a bit hit and miss. In recent years devotional times have become more precious to me, and a  comfort in tough times. Along the way I’ve learnt not to stress about not completing a Bible reading plan, or a daily devotional every single day. I know that spending regular time in quiet contemplation is vital to my spiritual growth and relationship with my heavenly father.

So, as we approach the New Year, I thought it may be useful to highlight some of the new devotional offerings published this year that will also make great gift purchases for your customers. Some are 365-day devotionals for the whole year, some are for shorter periods to dip in and out of as time allows, some have a weekly focus – but the aim here is to encourage a regular habit of time-out with God, and trust that He’ll gently lead us into the new year ahead and be a light to our path.

1. Your Mountian is Calling - Rachel Anne Ridge

As a keen hiker, this beautiful devotional really appeals to me with its incredible photography showing the majesty of God’s creation. The forty devotions go through the seasons and focus on the character and nature of God.

2. At the Table with Jesus - Louie Giglio

I’m reading through this one as I write and am enjoying going through these sixty-six devotions on the person of Jesus and His desire to have a real, everyday relationship with us as He invites us to sit around the table with Him in daily fellowship.

3. ESV Psalms - Photography Edition

Another beautifully-produced book with full colour photos showing the wonderful landscape of Ireland alongside each Psalm. This is not a devotional as such, but is a lovely way to dip into the Psalms and take in the beauty of God’s Word.

4. Seasons of Waiting - Barb Hill

This fully illustrated devotional has fifty-two meditations; enough material for each week of the year. It’s aimed at those in a season of waiting on God, and offers the encouragement you need to wait well, in the confidence that God’s timing is perfect.

5. Truth for Life Volume 2 - Alistair Begg

Following on from the success of the first volume, a year ago, comes volume 2 of Truth for Life from Alistair Begg. Full of daily wisdom, gospel truth, and the grace of God, this Christ-centred devotional will be a sure encouragement for believers.

6. On Earth as in Heaven - Tom Wright

This 365-day devotional from Tom Wright features short daily readings from his classic works. Unusually, it starts from Easter as the place of new beginnings and follows the seasons of the Christian year through to celebrating Easter once more at its climax.

7. NIV Bible in One Year - Nicky and Pippa Gumbel

For the first time, Nicky Gumbel’s acclaimed daily commentary on the Bible is paired alongside the NIV text and packed with wisdom, insight and application. This is accompanied by a thought for the day from Pippa Gumbel at the end of each entry. 

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