A selection of books that help us answer some of Life's Big Questions

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A selection of books that help us answer some of Life's Big Questions

Daryl Wearring selects recent releases that help us answer some of life’s big questions. 

It can be hard when we’re bombarded with world views that seem to be at odds with our Christian faith and how we try to live that out in a secular society. And even harder when our teenagers come home with questions or viewpoints that we wrestle to answer or justify with a Christian point of view. (I know – I get this regularly around the dinner table!) Whether it’s on TV, through social media or down the pub, we’re surrounded by people who think and live differently, and accept views that they maybe haven’t thought through for themselves or had the chance to hear an alternative biblical view.

As the Apostle Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15, we are to be prepared to answer (or make a defence) to anyone who asks us about the hope that we have, but with gentleness and respect. I often feel ill-equipped and inadequate when I’m asked what I think about certain hot topics as a Christian, and sometimes do all I can to avoid having to face up to secular world views on various issues.

Trying to get to grips with subjects like sexuality and identity, racism, social justice, civil rights, cancel culture, science vs faith and many more can at times feel like a maze and cause us to run and hide, rather than face up to, learn, engage with and confront the many false conceptions about what Christianity is, and explain how it answers many of the needs that people have.

Well, help is at hand, and I’ve selected a few books that have been recently published that may be useful for your customers to help them defend a biblical viewpoint on the hot topics of the day, be confident in talking about their faith, and show how to do this with love and respect.

1. Faithfully Different – Natasha Crain

An excellent look at secularism and its views and influence. It helps us to recognise secular ideas, resist the pressure to make our faith fit with them, and reclaim the confidence we need to stand up for Christ and biblical values.

2. The Lies We Are Told, The Truth We Must Hold – Sharon James

The author takes us through current world views with statements such as there is no God, no absolute morality and no universal truth, unearthing the lies behind them. She then counteracts this with the biblical world view of freedom, truth, justice, dignity and hope.

3. The Doubters’ Club – Preston Ulmer

On a slightly different tack, this book helps us to engage with doubters and sceptics in a positive way, giving room for questions and doubts. The author writes out of his experience of setting up a network of ‘doubters’ clubs’, providing an environment for healthy discussion.

4. The Case for Heaven – Lee Strobel

One of the things I’ve realised since the loss of my wife is that many people believe in something after this life, often a strange mix of ideas, but without any basis for what they believe. The latest ‘Case for’ book from Lee Strobel brings real hope.

5. Cosmic Chemistry – John C. Lennox

For those willing to go deeper into the science vs God debate, John Lennox is always a great voice to listen to. Here is another robust and respectful guide you help you engage the latest scientific ideas on a subject that is as hot as ever.

6. Hollywood Heroes – Frank Turek

In this contemporary tool for movie fans, the author shows us that the popularity of franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter can be a helpful way in to talk to friends about key issues of sacrifice, love, power and loyalty. 

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