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Our Insight range lifts the lid and gives understanding into some key issues that many people struggle with. Drawing on biblical wisdom and professional expertise, our range of resources will help those facing challenges and those seeking to support others.

Covering a broad range of topics, readers will benefit from looking at real-life examples, wisdom from the Bible, professional understanding and practical insights as to how we can biblically and sensitively address these issues that so many of us face.


The devotionals

Go on a 30-day journey of growing closer to God through approaching, from His compassionate and wise perspective, subjects that many people face. With readings and relevant thoughts, be completely yourself and experience the God of all comfort.



Invest in your mental health and wellbeing

Take your learning further

If you would like to further explore your learning opportunities our higher education division, Waverley abbey College may offer you the right pathway to take this further. We have a range of programmes in counselling and spiritual formation at entry level of study, through to MA level. Furthermore, we will shortly be growing our programme portfolio to include higher education in leadership. For more details go HERE

Need support?

We may all come into contact with people who are hurting and could benefit from professional counselling. It is for this reason that counselling has always been at the very heart of our ministry and, as a result, our counselling faculty is well established and respected in its field and has seen over 250 students graduate in the last five years.

Many of our students go on to set up their own private practice providing counselling services, and we have developed our Find a Counsellor list to help you find a Waverley Abbey College trained counsellor in your local area go HERE