Join John Matarazzo in this captivating interview with renowned pastor Louie Giglio as they explore the profound concept of God as our perfect Father. With Father's Day around the corner, it's essential to challenge the myths and misconceptions surrounding fatherhood, both earthly and heavenly. In his transformative book, "Seeing God as Perfect Father," Louie Giglio delves deep into the Father's unwavering love, acceptance, and restoration.

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In Part 6 of our mini-series on Integrity in the Church, Carey replays all of his interviews with Tim Keller in one episode and offers some thoughts on the life and legacy of the late Tim Keller. Topics covered with Tim include how he would preach differently if he was starting over, the biggest regret he had when he learned he had cancer, his insights on why the evangelical church is declining, and how culture is changing the future of the church. This long episode brings you the best of Tim Keller all in one place.

Jay Pathak talks with Nicky Gumbel about his journey of faith, the origins of the @AlphaCourse, the influence of John Wimber and the Vineyard on Alpha, and having a heart for people outside of the Church.
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Worship Culture Series talks all things worship with leaders from different parts of the body of Christ. In this series we speak to Les Moir who is a major catalyst in advance the impact of worship in the UK and all over the world!
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Martin sits down with Brooke and dives into her career, family life, how to have pure hearts in Worship & so much more!