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There are over 45,000 churches or individual congregations across the UK all seen as being part of the 'Christian Church' all of which having a unique leadership structure, missional value and interpretation of scripture and how that plays out in worship.  We have listed below a number of the key denominations and church movements across the UK many of whichyou will recognise in your own town or city.  


Church of England

The Church of England is the key established church in England. There are roughly 16,000 Anglican churches represented through forty two regional diocese with twelve diocese in the northern province and the other thirty diocese in the southern province.  Congreations can be found via their church site HERE.

church in wales

Church of Wales

The Church of Wales represents in the Anglican church in Wales.  It's made up of 6 diocese which has around 1200 churches. To find a church in Wales click HERE.

church of ireland

Church of Ireland

The Church of Ireland is part of the Anglican community and made of 11 diocese divided into two provinces based in Belfast for Northern Ireland and Dublin forthe Republic of Ireland.  To find a church in the Church of Ireland click HERE


Baptist Union

Baptists Together (officially The Baptist Union of Great Britain) is a Baptist denomination in England and Wales affiliated with the Baptist World Alliance and Churches Together in England. The Union brings is made up of around 1850 churches in England and Wales.  To find a church click HERE


Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales

The Catholic Church in England and Wales (Yr Eglwys Gatholig yng Nghymru a Lloegr) is part of the worldwide Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See.  The Catholic Church in England and Wales is represented by 3000 plus churches within 22 diocese overseen by five provinces of Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Southwark and Westminster. To find a Catholic church click HERE


Methodist Church

The Methodist Church in Great Britain is a Protestant Church UK is the mother church to the global Methodist movement. The Methodist Church is represented in the UK through around 4300 churches which can be found HERE

united reformed

United Reformed Church

The United Reformed Church is a protestant denomination made up of around 1250 churches in the UK.  To find a URC congreagation in the UK click HERE


Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is a multi-ethnic, pentecostal movement of churches with it's mother church based in Lagos, Nigeria. To find an RCCG congregation in the UK click HERE.


New Testament Church of God

The New Testament Church of God is multi-ethnic pentecostal church with it's roots based in the USA.  To find a local NTCG congregation near to you click HERE.


Elim Church

The Elim Church of UK and Ireland is a pentecostal movement of churches comprised of around 550 churches.  to find an Elim congregation near to you clock HERE


Assemblies of God (AOG)

The Assemblies of God (AOG) UK is a pentecostal movement of churches with 500 congregations.  To find an AOG congregation near you click HERE.

church of scotland

The Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland is the national church of Scotland linked to the Presbyerian movement with around 1500 parishes.  Find a local congregation HERE

presbyterian church in ireland

The Church of Ireland

The Church of Ireland is the largest Protestant denomination in Ireland with over 500 congregations.  To find a church click HERE


Pioneer Church

The Pioneer Church in the UK is a network of around 30 charasmatic, evangelical churches in the UK and other parts of the world.  Their congregations an be found HERE 


New Frontiers

New Frontiers or New Frontiers International as it also known, is a movement of charasmatic evangelical churches from joined through a number of regional spheres including Advance, Catalyst, ChristCentral, Commission, Confluence, New Ground, Regions Beyond, Relational Mission meeting in around 400 congregations across the UK.  To find a local New Frontiers congregation click HERE


Vineyard Churches

The Vineyard Church is a movement of around 130 charasmatic, evangelical churches across the UK and globally. To find a congregation near to you click HERE


Fellowship of Independant Evangelical Churches

The Fellowship of Independant Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is a network of 639 independent evangelical churches mainly in the United Kingdom. To find an FIEC congregatio close to you click HERE