YPs: Volume 1 Sep/Oct
YPs: Volume 1 Sep/Oct

YPs: Volume 1 Sep/Oct


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YP's is for young people, everywhere! Read a bit of the Bible every day, explore lots of stuff about you and God - cracking puzzles and playing quizzes along the way! In this issue... Leading ladies >> The Bible can sometimes feel like a bit of a boy’s club. But girls matter to God just as much as guys do! We’re going to look into some extraordinary leading ladies of the Old Testament and see how, despite their imperfections, many were used by God for great things. Signs of the times >> The prophet Amos was an ordinary guy with an extraordinary message. God’s people were disobeying Him and making a right mess of their lives. But through Amos, God gave them a chance to turn back to Him and sort things out. Expect a lot of drama! Let’s find out more… The people in the parables >> Jesus often told stories (or ‘parables’) to help people learn and understand something new about His teaching. The characters within the stories would often have striking resemblances to the people Jesus was talking to – and they might remind us of someone too! Let’s meet a few of them… Messengers >> Amos wasn’t the only guy in the Bible who had important news from God that needed passing on. The Old Testament is made up of books from other guys who had a very similar job to do – tell God’s wayward people how to get back on track!


ISBN: 9781789513837
Producer: Waverley Abbey Publishing
Product Code: 10089109
Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Product type: Paperback
Release Date: 18.06.2021

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