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And God Said...
And God Said...

And God Said...

Science Confirms the Authority of the Bible


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Have you ever wondered if there are answes to life's most important questions? Where did we come from, where are we going, and therefore why are we here? What if the story you've been told all your life, about everything coming into being through time and chance, with no real purpose except to survive, was wrong? What if instead, science pointed to a Designer, who answered these questions in the Bible offering himself as the solution? This book, written with great clarity and conviction, allows you to compare these big questions against evidence from true science, so that you can research and discover the need for a Creator. As well as core content on subjects like the Big Bang, Dating Methods, Donosaur Fossils and the Flood, this updated edition, includes new chapters on DNA, Unfossilised Dinosaur Bones, and C14 Dating. And God Said will give an answer to the diligent enquirers and to vociferous critics alike whether believers or non-believers. It has been recommended by three science professors who, like many in their field over the last two hundred years, find no contradiction between science and faith.


ISBN: 9781914273063
Producer: John Ritchie Ltd
Product Code: 10085514
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 216
Release Date: 31.01.2022

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