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Never Ashamed
Never Ashamed

Never Ashamed

Stories of Sharing Faith with Scoffers and Skeptics


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Most books on evangelism deal primarily with different approaches to sharing the good news. From street ministry to personal witnessing, books abound on how to present the gospel in a variety of ways and situations. But Never Ashamed isn’t a book about how. Rather, it’s a book about why. Author Avi Snyder explains: • Why we mustn’t be ashamed of sharing the good news in an open and direct fashion. • Why believers find it difficult to share the good news of salvation, despite the variety of fruit that always abounds. • Why non-believers often choose to walk away from the claims of the Messiah, even when they know or at least suspect in their hearts that His claims are true. • Why the early church felt compelled to proclaim His message, regardless of the risks and costs. More than this, however, Never Ashamed is a book of stories: • The man who told Avi he wouldn’t stop him from jumping out a window. • The Marxist lady trying to figure him out who eventually concluded he was a provocateur • The woman who prayed for God to give her compassion like Him and wept when she received it • The Soviet guard who helped Avi’s team pass out literature These and many more encounters that Avi shares will make you laugh, cry, and be filled with joy at the winsome ways in which he brings people to Jesus.


ISBN: 9781641238731
Producer: Whitaker Publishers
Product Code: 10084552
Dimensions: 140 x 9 x 216 mm
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 144
Release Date: 17.05.2022

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