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Scent of Water
Scent of Water

Scent of Water

Words of Comfort in Times of Grief


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When Penelope Swithinbank's mother died tragically and suddenly as she watched the out-of-control car sweep her away, she plunged into deep depression. She found nothing that reached her dark soul of the night, nothing that helped her know that God was still with her. She was numbed by grief, frozen into solitude and nothing and no one seemed to be able to penetrate her protective walls. She found it very difficult to pray or to read the Bible. She couldn't concentrate, nothing seemed to help, and she wished there was a specific daily devotional to help her to connect with the Lord in and through the grief. For a full two years she was there. When hugs rubbed her raw and consoling, well-meant clichés did not ring true. When God seemed far away. She was far away. She couldn’t read. Anything, let alone the Bible. When the depression and the blackness were all-consuming and life was barely worth living. Eventually, out of that experience, she wrote a daily devotional to help others going through the first six months of bereavement. Those who found it on her website and either used it themselves, or passed it on to others who were grieving the loss of a loved one, kept asking her to publish it so that it could be easily given to those who mourn. Maybe as a gift in their time of need. So here is A Scent of Water. Penelope hopes it will help others in times of bereavement and grief. Just a verse and a few thoughts for the times when mourning and grief mean that anything longer, anything deeper, is impossible.


ISBN: 9781912863730
Producer: Malcolm Down
Product Code: 10079174
Dimensions: 165 x 10 x 190 mm
Binding: Paperback
Release Date: 07.07.2021

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Comments and reviews

Deborah Jenkins  (31.07.2021)

Scent of Water is a beautiful testimony of one woman’s determined clinging to faith in the midst of loss. Intensely personal, this collection of readings offers much to those whose trust in God is challenged when the worst happens and a loved one is suddenly snatched away. Several friends in similar situations have told me they longed for something comforting to read but lacked the concentration to do so. Scent of Water is an ideal collection, with short daily readings divided into themes and designed to be read in any order, so the reader can dip in and out depending on inclination. Fiercely honest, they cover things like shock, fear, disappointment, overwhelm and hurt. But they also hold out the possibility of comfort and even peace in the midst of pain. Penelope subtly accompanies the reader through the different stages of grief while acknowledging it is not a linear process. A 25 week walk through the dark night of the soul, the book ultimately offers hope to those who are willing to receive it. It also includes reflections for those memorable days – the first birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc without their loved one.
For believers, or those who would like to be, this gift book offers light at the end of the tunnel. If you are searching for support in your grief, you won’t be disappointed.

Jane Lanston  (20.07.2021)

This is a beautifully presented gift book - a joy and a comfort to receive at a time of mourning a loved one. You can dip in and out of the sections; reflect with the lovely photos; read the poems and meditations. I particularly appreciated the section for special days - the day of the funeral, the first Christmas, the first birthday, and so on. I also really liked the stunning photos of water.
I hadn't known the quote the title comes from but now that I do I am finding that a good thing to hang on to in my grief.

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